An editor and a journalist by profession, I quit full time work some years ago after a successful stint with leading publishing houses followed by the Sunday Review of  The Times of India, where I was the Chief Editorial Coordinator.

Having worked 9-6 for 20+ years, I decided it was time to pursue what my heart desired and learnt three foreign languages first in India and then in the respective countries. This also gave me multiple opportunities to read in the native language, travel and savour different cultures.

I stay in Gurgaon and am happy living life to the fullest. I translate and interpret in the French and Italian by night and volunteer to run a reading programme for the middle school and an interactive drama/speech session for the differently-abled, by day.

I am fond of reading, writing, theatre, films, music , travel, cooking and actively participate in related events.

An update: In the last two years, supported and encouraged by friends and family, I began curating trips to off-beat destinations within India. You can find out more about what we do via One Life to Travel. If what you read resonates with you, do join us on our explorations of our very own Incredible India.


7 Responses to About

  1. arv! says:

    you have very interesting stories on your blog. I liked your writing and the blog.
    Following And so I felt for more stories.

  2. So nice to connect. Love following your Instagram page,

    • zaynti says:

      Thank you Margie for the warm words and for taking the time out to visit. The blog has been fairly inactive but one of my hopes before 2018 ends is to resume writing again.

    • zaynti says:

      Hi Margie, thank you for your warm message. It has been great to connect with you on Instagram. I love your posts.

      It has been a no-blogs couple of years for me; a difficult time which had to be passed. I hope to resume writing now. Short, long, no followers, no likes: still the pen must write.

      • Thank You Jayanti
        I hope your writing dreams come true. Never give up. I really enjoy your Instagram and your passion. And I appreciate all of your support… thank you

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