Spiti – a road trip of a lifetime

It is exactly two months today since I left for a road trip through Spiti but I already want to go back! Is it soon, I ask myself? And then I realize, deep down, I never wanted to return. But since that was not possible, I left a large part of me there. That way, in search of that, I will always find ways of going back.

I have had the luxury of being a world traveller since the last 35 years. No place would touch me the way Ladakh did in India, and Kenya, from amongst the ones abroad. Or so I thought. Till I felt Spiti.

Spiti is remote. Spiti is harsh. Spiti is stark. Spiti is beautiful. Spiti is magic. It tears your heart out, it wrenches your gut, it makes you cry but always leaves you wanting for more!

Its beauty has a vibe which reduces you to tears; there is an aura and a peace to the prevailing quietitude. I have never felt closer to the powers that look down upon us, and to myself, as I did in Spiti.

Spiti called out for some moments only with self and I am happy I succumbed to that charm.

Spiti and the road trip was all I had ever imagined it to be! It must be after years quite literally that I was on holiday without any family member and in a group where I knew no one. The anonymity that comes on such a journey is liberating. Everything happens at a particular time for a particular reason. My world came together in Spiti.

Do visit this valley to learn how to slow down, how to live, how to embrace beauty, how to connect with yourself.

I need to distance myself a little to be able to write about this trip of a lifetime. Till then, I leave you with a few images.

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10 Responses to Spiti – a road trip of a lifetime

  1. Anju says:

    This looks absolutely magical. How do you find these gems dear OLTT?!

  2. Deepika says:

    Great pictures… lovely and nice write up. I am going to Spiti next

  3. Absolutely loved the way you described the beauty of Spiti Jayanti! And the pictures are so beauty which adds life to your words!!

  4. Beautiful post.on my bucket list

  5. That road NH22 and Spiti, truly Incredible India

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