Hotel Deyzor – a world in itself

If Spiti is a world within a world then Hotel Deyzor in Kaza is a world in itself.

Situated near the BSNL tower (a good landmark) and a couple of minutes walk from the Sakya Monastery in Kaza, Hotel Deyzor embraces you with open arms from the word go. The cheerful exterior and interiors, the inviting cafe/dining room, the paintings, the quotes, the bric-a brac, every little piece has a reason for being there and speaks volumes of the attention to detail. Hotel Deyzor is a labour of love and it shows.


I stayed at the hotel for two nights while on a road trip with a group of girls through Spiti. The rooms are well-appointed, the bed linen crisp and clean, the bathrooms airy and well-lit with ample space. One of the many reasons to fall in love with this hotel are the number of cosy corners created to sit back and enjoy the view or curl up with a book. My delight knew no bounds on seeing the number of books lovingly made available for guests.


Food is the other USP of Hotel Deyzor. The chef is obviously very well-trained and each meal is thoughtfully put together. We loved the pea soup, the falafel wraps and the home made jams in particular. Lunch was served one afternoon in the garden behind and the quiche was one of the best I have ever tasted. The hotel goes out of its way to provide gourmet satisfaction to its patrons which is obvious from the walk-in customers it gets.


Did I miss room service or TV or internet or the trappings a modern, luxury hotel provides? My answer is NO. If I want any of these I would travel to a metro; not to a nature – retreat like Spiti. The senses are enhanced by the quiet and to be able to ‘hear’ the silence is a luxury we often do not find in our rushed lives. There is wifi connectivity for those who wish to update themselves with the world left behind. Electricity supply can be erratic but the solar energy harnessed takes care of your needs.

There are no ‘activities’ to indulge in during the evenings but then where else would I find myself being able to see the stars, or spot the Milky Way or catch a glorious sunset?

Spiti helps us breathe, it helps us slow down, it helps us look around and appreciate, and Hotel Deyzor respects all of these and much more.

Go visit it and find your own slice of heaven in this haven.


Note: Kaza is the subdivisional headquarters of the remote Spiti Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti is a high altitude bearing close similarity to nearby Ladakh and Tibet in terms of terrain, culture and climate. Kaza, situated along the Spiti River at an elevation of 3,650 metres (11,980 ft) above mean sea level, is the largest township and commercial center of the valley.

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