A glimpse of an era gone by


As you walk along narrow lanes and through old bazaars vestiges of what must have been a good life once pop up. This little shop is no more than a kiosk tucked away at the far end of the Mall Road in Simla. The shop is filled with watches, clocks, time-pieces, pocket watches, grandfather clocks and even a small cuckoo clock. I am sure heirlooms and treasures could be unearthed here.

The gentleman who runs the shop is hidden away somewhere between all the pieces and is often missed if you do not look carefully! Yet, he peers out from his perch and watches the world go by. I do hope there are people who stop by!

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2 Responses to A glimpse of an era gone by

  1. in the hurly burly of big cities these small gems have somehow gone missing….the shops here lack ‘soul’.

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